KATIE Ty Dolla Sign | A New Version of ‘Remember’

Who missed KATIE? She’s back and she’s not alone, because this time she teams up with Ty Dolla $ign for a new version of ‘Remember’

Katie Ty Dolla Sign


KATIE Ty Dolla Sign. When KATIE first released the original version of ‘Remember’ last year, her music and her presence both create quite a buzz on the internet. A lot of people were like “Who is this?”, “Why are there so many rappers appearing in the MV?”, “Wow her voice and her music are really good, I can’t wait for her next single.”, or “The MV was aesthetically pleasing.” 


KATIE released her first single with AXIS ‘Remember’ on June 2018 and was said to be working on her debut album ever since. Earlier this month KATIE announced that there was going to be a new version of ‘Remember’ which features American hip hop and R&B artist Ty Dolla $ign. Fans all over the world were really ecstatic for the collaboration.

Katie ty dolla Sign ‘Remember’ MV

Though some parts of the original MV are still intact, including the iconic scene with the army of men where we can spot many rappers like Sik-K, C Jamm, Ja Mezz, Bill Stax & Many more. The new version of Remember MV is still visually amazing.



The story behind the MV as stated by AXIS, is about KATIE in a new universe. Gold serves as a main theme of the MV, where we can see KATIE melts it to later use it to create a golden boat which represents her departure to the new universe. The iconic scene with the army of men was to express her emotions and messages on her behalf, as well as to pay tribute to Korean hip hop that is also happen to be the roots of the song.

Katie ‘Remember’ Live Clip. Busking in new york

The fact is, she didn’t just pop out of nowhere. KATIE studied in Berklee College of Music and she was the winner of K-pop Star 4. She signed with YG Entertainment where she was featured in iKon’s Bobby’s single ‘Secret’. Later she decided to part ways with YG Entertainment and joined AXIS, a music label founded by former YG Creative Director SINXITY, that also houses Henry Lau for direction role.

This new version of ‘Remember’ was said to be the single off her debut EP ‘Log’ that is going to be release around May this year. We really excited and hype for Katie debut album !!


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