Son Heungmin Song !! Special Tribute from Rick Bridges

Son heungmin lets go !! South korea & Tottenham hotspur player is the hero for South Korea & one part of North london. Rapper Rick Bridges made a special track for Son !!

Son Heungmin Song

Son Heungmin Song by Rick Bridges. It’s no Secret that Rick Bridges is a big fan of South Korea national heroes & Spurs forward Son Heungmin. If you follow him on Instagram, he always watch Son heungmin matches and often go to the stadium to support him !!


RIck Bridges ‘Son’ , A Son Heungmin Song

Once again producer SQUAR help producing the track from Rick Bridges, previous track such as Cinderella that release few months ago. The MV was actually made in rush, some parts of the MV were shoot in the match of South korea versus Colombia where Son Heungmin also score !! The lyrics also all a tribute of Son Heungmin (English translation already included in the MV).



One of the brightest star in Tottenham hotspur this Year. Son Heungmin already scores 18 goals in all competition, just 6 goals shy than Skipper Harry Kane. Yhere’s hasn’t been any player from South Korea that got the Hype in the international soccer scene after Ahn Jung Hwan & Park Jisung era. Even Simon Dominic, Woo Wonjae & Code Kunst goes to London to watch Son.

Simon Dominic, Code Kunst & Woo Wonjae sing Tottenham Hotspur anthem


Son Heungmin & Crush

Son Heungmin also a close friend of R&B Singer Crush !! They often hang out together, they call each other names without honorifics & play soccer games whenever Son Heungmin is on vacation / Crush having a tour to Europe. Few years ago, Son Heungmin even come to Crush concert in Europe.


Bonus : Son Heungmin & Rick Bridges

Son Heungmin Song


Make sure to follow Rick Bridges & Son Heungmin On Instagram : @Rick_bridges & @HM_son7 Who knows we can get their interaction in the future !!



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