HSR 3 Winner Lee Youngji !! Great Journey & Milestone

HSR 3 Winner is … Lee Youngji !! After compete against other 31 contestant, Lee Youngji become the winner of the 3rd season of School Rapper. Youngji also achieve a new milestone never done before !!

HSR 3 Winner

HSR 3 Winner Lee Youngji Milestone :

  • First Female rapper that win MNET hip-hop survival program (Beside SMTM)
  • First Freshman that win School Rapper
  • Youngest rapper that ever win MNET Hip hop survival program (she’s born on 9th of October 2002, 16/17 (korean age) years old when win HSR 3)


Lee Youngji past

Before become a HSR 3 winner that we all know and love, we doesn’t know anything about Youngji. Prior to HSR appearance, Youngji isnt a professional rapper (who made a living from music), nor a former SMTM/HSR contestant who were well known to the public. Youngji just a normal high school girl that just started to learn rap & hip hop (not even a year!).

The only footage that we found about Lee Youngji past is when she appear on MC Rap busking channel. Lee Youngji cover the full version of ‘Indigo’ by Justhis, Kid Milli, Young B & NO:EL.


School Rapper 3 Journey

Surprise !! From the first Episode, Youngji already shown what she’s capable of by winning the cypher. The streak continue, keep winning every challenge and gave a solid performance in every stage. Just like Mentor Code kunst said : “Youngji never did any mistake in School Rapper”.


School Rapper 3 Final performance



Lee Youngji HSR 3 winning moment.

Lee Youngji can’t help but shed her tears when MC Nucksal announce the winner of School Rapper 3 !! Lee Youngji is really thankful to her mentors Code Kunst & The Quiett that help her grow until this phase.


Bonus : Cute interaction with Young Kay



Cute interaction with mentor Code Kunst & The Quiett


Lee Youngji future plans

HSR 3 Winner

For now, Lee Youngji gonna be busy perform in events & Concerts. There’s Super Rookie South Korea tour with fellow School Rapper 3 contestant that take place from 4th of may to 15th of June. There’s also confirmed appearance on Genie Music Festival for now.

We can’t wait to see what family/Agency that Lee Youngji gonna sign for. A lot of School rapper 2 contestant become a successful artist since join their new family. It’s a news that we gonna keep an eye of in 2019 !


Make sure to follow Youngji on Instagram : @Youngji_02 . Get to know all of the contestant of School Rapper 3.  If you want to watch School rapper 3 Final you can watch it HERE 



Congratulation to HSR 3 winner Lee Youngji !! We gonna keep an eye & update future information about Lee Youngji & other talented School Rapper 3 contestant on Dkhhrnb !