HSR 3 mentor Quiz | Which mentor suit you the most ??

HSR 3 mentor Quiz. Which mentor team is your favorite ?? Let’s check if you can get the team right and join your favorite mentor !! Or find out if you actually should be rooting for other team all this time ~

HSR 3 Mentor Quiz Difficulty level = easy to medium


What do you eat for breakfast ?

What is your favorite TV Show ??

Favorite Place to hang out

What do you think about MNET ??

Favorite Idol group??

Do you have a couple ??

If you have a chance to feature who you gonna feature with ?

HSR 3 Quiz | Which team member are you ??
Team Code kunst & The Quiett

School Rapper 3 team

Congrats !! Two of you gonna be guided by two supportive father who gonna support you whatever you do !! The only drawback is you gonna eat coffee for breakfast
Team Giriboy Kid Milli

School Rapper 3 mentor

One could be quirky at times, the other is kawaii all the times. But one thing for sure, they gonna protect you from MNET Evil Editing
Team Groovyroom

School Rapper 3 Mentor

Groovy Everywhere !! Not only you got great beat from a famous producer, you could also become famous because Hwimin & gyujeong is also a youtuber now !!
Team Boi B Hangzoo

School Rapper 3 team

Do you feel ignored ?? Under the radar ? underrated ??. Nah those kinds of things doesnt matter when you got your friends & mentor that always support each other !!

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