Confession Drama OST | Song Jieun & Basick participate

Song Jieun & Basick participate in Confession Drama OST  !! If you havent watch the drama, this article could be a preview also because its the 1st OST !!

Confession Drama OST

Confession Drama OST. The Drama just air few weeks ago on 23rd of March 2019, the drama is a mystery & Crime genre that air every saturday and Sunday on TVN channel. Confession Drama stars Lee Junho, Yoo Jae Myung & Shin hyun bin among many others. If you havent watch the drama, it onlya ir it’s 6th episode so i suggest to watch it before the story goes to far ~


Song jieun & Basick ‘Let Me Hear’ for Confession Drama OST

Slow Suspense & Thrill. Just like the drama, the music is slowly peaking to the climax, made by composer & producer Kang Jiwon. Let Me hear is actually Song Jieun first participation in Music for nearly 2 years, known more now as an actress. This is just an OST, but it’s nice to hear Song Jieun voice as a singer once more~



OUTLIVE was not joking when they said to look forward to Basick activities on 2019 when we did an interview with them. Basick been really busy recently, release a single ‘Manboogi’ , continued with ‘What i want’ EP and then feature in drama OST. Can’t wait for more basick on 2019 !!

Basick ‘Me’ feat EK


Sleepy & Song Jieun ‘Cool Night’

Make sure to follow both Basick & Song Jieun on Instagram : @realbasick & @bimil_jieun .Can’t wait to hear the LIVE version of this song !!



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