Heize She Fine Album | Everyday is a good day

She’s fine She’s fine She’s fine ~ Heize have a new album !! Heize new album She’s fine is the first album from Heize !! Let’s check it out

Heize Shes Fine

Heize she fine. The first album from Heize that been anticipated for quite some time. There’s a good caption on Heize She’s Fine album description “It’s a good day, A bad day gonna pass by, So it’s okay!”  . There’s a total of 11 tracks in Heize She’s Fine album, each of them is good enough to be release as single on their own !!


Heize She fine album tracklist 

  • She’s fine
  • So It Ends ? feat Colde
  • No Reason
  • Dispatch feat Simon Dominic
  • Hitch Hiding with Sunwoo Junga
  • But, I am your buddy feat Davii
  • Umbrella Calls for rain feat Nafla
  • Tree only look at you feat Jooyoung
  • Doobling
  • E.T
  • E.T letter

11 Tracks inside the album. Most of the tracks is produced by Heize best friend Davii from Studio Blu. Sunwoo Junga, Padi, 13, Lim Minki, and Re:ONE also help produce some of the tracks. All the track is so good so make sure to listen to all the tracks inside the album !!

Heize She Fine MV

The title track of Heize album have the same title as the album. When it release, She’s fine top the charts alongside Baek yerin track ‘Maybe it’s not our fault’ . Heize was known for gloomy songs but it’s time to move on now, in an interview last year she’s want to halt making gloomy music because Heize is not gloomy anymore & its hard to get the gloomy atmosphere back for singing breakup songs. She’s fine now ~



Other title track from Heize She’s fine album is a masterpiece with Colde ‘So It ends?’ This is also my personal favorite track, why ?? Just listen and you know why ~

Heize ‘So it ends‘ feat Colde MV preview


Heize ‘Dispatch‘ feat Simon Dominic

The track that gather most attention from South Korea news media is actually not both of the title track above. But the track with Simon Dominic title ‘Dispatch’ . The track point out the life of celebrity that can’t fall in love comfortably without any repercussion from South korea news media and becomes a ‘Scandal’.

Simon Dominic Lyrics in ‘Dispatch’ translation

 “Have we ever gone out and have comfortable meal together ?
Afraid of someone will recognize us
I wore my hat down low so its meaningless i cant even see your face
um, it was right to end it
We have to be separated so we doesnt need to feel anxious
We had to hide the love in our eye
This moment works become more important 
i just wish i can live normally”


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