Yoon Mirae dont forget me | Great Ballad track prod by Rocoberry

Yoon Mirae dont forget me . Queen of hip hop & Rnb is back with a  ballad song !! Ballad ?? Yes this track is a ballad song produced by Rocoberry ~

Yoon Mirae dont forget me

Yoon Mirae dont forget me. How come we forget that angelic voice ?? Beside known as a rapper, Yoon Mirae also known for her voice. This time it’s a collaboration between Yoon Mirae & Rocoberry to remake a song with the same title who release back in 2018 for Kassy. TMI : Rocoberry is a married couple now !! Roco & Conan (the bear) is getting married late last year on 2018.

Yoon Mirae dont forget me prod by Rocoberry

The process of making this track is actually really fun. Rocoberry thought of Yoon Mirae when were listening to Kassy new song and decide lets remake Kassy old track ‘Don’t forget me’ with Yoon Mirae! This is not the first time that Rocoberry worked with Yoon Mirae, they already work together when they collaborate for ‘Descendant of the Sun’ OST ‘Always’ !!



Yoon Mirae song ‘Dont forget Me‘ actually goes quite high in the music charts !!



Rocoberry was known to produce great songs, especially for OST where they already made the OST for numerous hit drama. We hope Rocoberry decide to collaborate with more KHH/KRNB artist in the future

Rocoberry singing ‘Always’ (Originally yoon mirae for DOTS)


Bonus : Kassy & Yoon Mirae collaborate sing ‘Don’t forget me’

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