MBC Kill BIll Final | 1 eventual winner, Still far from Over

MBC Kill BIll  final episode !!! Yet it still episode 7, what will we do for the rest of 3 episode ??? Check out the performance from MBC Kill Bill final first before we answer all your curiosity ~

MBC KIll Bill final

MBC Kill Bill Final. Last episode, we saw 2 contestant going home : Jessi & YDG. There’s only 3 more contestant that gonna compete for the final !! The final stage is pre recorded on December 2018 and its not broadcasted LIVE so it takes some the tense that we saw from the usual survival show Final.


Rhythm Power ‘Incheon Airport‘ feat Dynamic Duo prod by GRAY (Lose)

Rhythm Power is the pride of Incheon !! All of them grew up together in Incheon, found radioactive gang when they still in high school and been working their way up in underground scene till they sign with Amoeba Culture. The track that tell their roots feature their boss Dynamic duo and produced by GRAY of AOMG. A really great track!


Bewhy ‘Zion’ feat Band Workmanship (runner Up)

The unsung hero of MBC Kill Bill. No, i’m not talking about Bewhy, i’m talking about Band workmanship! Band Workmanship have been feautring with Dok2, Rhythm Power & YDG in this series of Kill Bill. Giving another dimension to a hip hop stage, especially for Bewhy which said to have a ‘predictable’ performance on the previous episodes.



Dok2 ‘High Spirits’ feat Yoon Mirae (Winner)

Two Legends. Dok2 last & final stage of MBC Kill Bill is a track featuring Yoon Mirae of MFBTY. Dok2 was part of Movement Crew back when he’s still a kid 15 years ago, which make their collaboration is so nostalgic. A legend stage befitting of the First winner of the first season of MBC KIll Bill


Its not over yet

MBC Kill Bill Final

MBC kill BIll were scheduled to air until 10 episode. This is just the 7th episode. The rest of the 3 episode will be the Journey of Dok2 & Bewhy to work with DJ Khaled. And preparation  to get the reach the show ultimate goal. Getting to the top of Billboard chart !!


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What do you think of MBC Kill BIll Final ?? Do You think Dok2 deserve to be the winner ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!