Old House Rappers | TVN New Show for the 20th Century generation

Olive TV have a new show with 4 rapper as the main cast !!! Old House rapper is about old guys reminiscing old stuff while exploring South Korea for their childhood. This is a show for you who come from the 20th century !!

Old House Rapper

Old House Rappers, a new Variery show from Olive TV. The concept of this show is a time travel to the 80’s & 90’s. Introduce how South korea back in the days while the cast & Viewers feel nostalgic about the days before. Not only for the old generation, the young generation also can learn about Old generation in this new show of TVN Old House rapper

Cast of Old House rappers

  • Dindin (1991)
  • Moon Seyoon (1982)
  • Mad Clown (1985)
  • Hangzoo (1986)
  • Killagramz (1992)

The cast is all from 90’s & 80’s liner. With MC Moon Se yoon the older and Killagramz the youngest. They also grew up on different environment (Mad Clown & Killagramz live in the U.S when they in school), so it would be interesting to see their interaction.

Mad CLown, Hangzoo & Killagramz goes to Old Barber shop

This is just one of many activities that the cast of Old House rapper gonna do in this episode. Not only bring the 20th century generation back in time with nostalgia, this program also share a glimpse of history from South korea. It’s educational also for everyone that want to learn a little bit of South Korea history ~



Another show that explain generation gap is JTBC ‘Kids These Days‘ where Kim haon become one of the cast alongside Yoo Jaesuk, Ahn Junghwan, Hwang Kwanghee & Kim Shinyoung. The show is different from Old House rapper because it show how the Old generation trying to experience what kids these days experience.

Haon meet TWICE on JTBC Kids these days


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