pH-1 HALO’ First Full Length Album | Home Alone Lights Out

HALO’ is not just pH-1’s comeback. It’s also an album that completes his previous double single tracks and an affirmation of him being a homebody.


Releasing a full length album is probably every musician’s dream as it requires a lot of hard work, patience, courage, and creativity. pH-1 dropped his first full length album a few days ago called ‘HALO’ which stands for Home Alone Lights Out. The album title means that Harry, which is his English name, likes to stay home in the dark.

As a self-proclaimed homebody who prefers to stay at home when he’s off from work, ‘HALO’ further solidifies pH-1 as a homebody, and at the same time serves to complete the previous three double single tracks that he released in 2018: ‘Harry’, ‘Loves’, and ‘Staying’.

pH-1 HALO’ Tracklist

ph-1 halo album cover

The album consists of 12 tracks, with one bonus track only available on CD format. All tracks were produced by Mokyo, who is also known as Thurxday, and was released under H1GHR MUSIC.

  1. Alright
  2. HYFR
  3. Malibu (feat. Mokyo, The Quiett)
  4. Lights Out (feat. Chang Sukhoon)
  5. Push Me (feat. Owen Ovadoz, Paloalto)
  6. Like Me
  7. Boat Ride
  8. Rain Man (feat. Ted Park)
  9. Olaf (feat. Coogie)
  10. Dirty Nikes
  11. Til I Die (feat. Jay Park)
  12. Making Film (feat. Mokyo)
  13. Never Give Up (feat. G.Soul) (CD only)

pH-1 – Like Me MV

Like Me’ is the title track from ‘HALO’. In this MV, pH-1 is a barber who owns his own barbershop. The song itself tells a story about a girl who likes him but he feels unworthy of her love. It is shown in the chorus where he sings “I wanna know why you like me” repeatedly.



pH-1 – ‘HALO’ Home Goods for Home People

To accompany the album’s release, pH-1 also has some official goods that would fulfill the needs of other homebodies out there. Home Goods For Home People includes house tee, hotel slippers, and even bed towel.

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