DEAN Keith Ape | Mixtape when both still young

Dean Keith Ape ?? Yes both of them actually work together when they still young !!!

Dean Keith Ape


Dean is currently one of the hottest artists in South Korea, having songs that charting all over South Korea without a huge promotion, clearly, he has something to offer for the fans. He debuted in the US market before entering the South Korean market in 2015. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of people making assumption thoughts, that DEAN is one of the Korean-American making music in South Korea, although he was born and bred in South Korea.

Dean Keith Ape

But today we are going to look at his old tape with Keith Ape who signed with 88rising, alongside Rich Brian (Indonesian pride), NIKI, JOJI and Higher Brothers in the US. DEAN is someone that considered to have a sultry voice in music, almost like USHER, such a total female fatale, even for the song Know Me from DPR that actually is not a “romantic song” DEAN able to make it sounds like one.



Dean was actually making some mixtape with his hip hop counterparts Keith Ape when he still Resurface around a mid-last year. The mixtape composing Keith Ape’s rap, with Dean’s Rap over the beats of Jay-Z and Kanye West Otis ft Otis Redding.

Dean Keith Ape

The non-stop spitting bars actually proofing that DEAN is just more than an R&B singer and producer with good looks, but he is also one of the most hardworking artists in the industry. He worked with Syd, an ODD FUTURE ex-member, Anderson .Paak who signed with Dr. Dre, Dean has collaborated with non-Korean artists, and looking forward to what he will offer next time. Dean will be touring in Paris soon, you can check out more on his social media.



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