Woo Wonjae Taste with Giriboy prod by GRAY

Woo is back !! After release the EP ‘Af few months ago Wonjae is back with a new single title ‘Taste’ with Giriboy & GRAY.

Woo Wonjae taste

Woo Wonjae Taste with Giriboy, produced by GRAY. How powerful that is. Despite the busy schedule (School Rapper 3 mentor, performing on events & make his own music) Giriboy feature in Woo wonjae track ‘taste’. GRAY also help by producing the beat for the former AOMG Maknae.


Taste feat Giriboy MV

“I don’t know what the hell is good for me.But then again  I don’t even know what I hate either.” That’s the hook of Woo Wonjae ‘Taste’ track. GRAY is the one produce this beat and it really suit both Wonjae & Giriboy, no surprise because Gray already made beats for both Giriboy & wonjae in the past.



‘Taste’ released on 11th of March 2019, the same day as Epik High ‘Sleeples in __________’ album. The track actually reach quite high in South Korea music charts, it’s a great achievement consider lots of great tracks that Woo need to compete in the music charts.

Taste peak 6th on the 2nd day


He also held a successful solo concert ‘What day is it today’

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