YunB Alcoholic Single Album | first solo track since SMTM

Alcoholic single album. First solo track from YunB since SMTM 777 where he made lot of impact in the show.

YunB alcoholic

YunB Alcoholic Single album. Last year, YunB release 1st album S.O.S  & Join SMTM 777 (The 4th episode with YunB also become a sensation!). Just like YunB Verse on ‘Break Bread : “Hold Up, wait i can grow way bigger it was too early to say so bruh, i showcase my skill so it’s only matter of time, my time ahead” . YunB Just keep rising!


Alcoholic tracklist 

  • Alcoholic feat Bassagong
  • Rebound Girl

Alcoholic‘ feat bassagong MV

What’s the difference between Kiggen track with the same title ?? While Kiggen show a romantic side of the title, YunB is more straightforward and talk about the title literally. The MV is sometimes blurry, sometimes goes to blackout then goes to space literally what happen when drinking too much.  Bassagong is playing the bad hyung that was the story of the track.



2018 have been a blast for YunB. Join SMTM 777 & become the last Hi-Lite member to survive until he was eliminated in the team mission/top 16. Recently YunB also join in Hi-Lite records single albumAir2019′ .

YunB vs CHoiLB on SMTM 777



Bonus : Rebound girl audio

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