SOMA Seiren Album | First LP from Soma for family

SOMA is back !! It’s only been few months since Soma release single Motorcycle‘. Now, the artist from Stoneship is back with a new LP with 11 tracks inside.

Soma Seiren

SOMA Seiren Album. This album release on 2 parts, the first one was release back in 2nd of March 2019 while the 2nd part of Seiren album release on 14th of March 2019. I personally think this a great idea by Ddolbae to give more spotlight to SOMA. The album is SOMA 1st album also who officially debut as solo artist on 2017.

Seiren Album Tracklist 

  • Fish Talk
  • Mermaid feat Khundi Panda
  • My Captain
  • The shark in my Window feat OLNL
  • Monster Hunter
  • Betty
  • ADHD
  • Zebra
  • Superman
  • Your Eyes
  • Shes Dream

There’s 11 tracks inside the album. I really like the quote of the album description by Soma “You don’t deserve to laugh at anyone dreams and stories” which really a good message in this day and age. TMI: Beside write the lyrics & produce ths ong, Soma also did the artwork for this album !!


Soma ‘Zebra + My Captain’¬†

Not only release the album in 2 parts. Stoneship also decide to put 2 songs in one MV !! The transition is smooth right ?? It probably because both of the track were produced by Amoeba Culture Peejay !! TMI : Zebra have Jaedal as a featuring in the chorus even though it’s not said in the featuring list probably because we all know two of them is a set~



Title track of Soma ‘Seiren‘ LP ‘Betty‘ MV

Beside release the 1st album, Soma also have a successful solo concert to commemorate the new album release !! Soma friends like OLNL, Khundi Panda & Lym En also join the fun by appearing as the guest.



Soma ‘Monster hunter‘ on Seiren concert : Credit : @aini__you

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What do you think of Soma Seiren Album?? Which track is your favorite ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!