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Who says that having trouble sleeping is always a bad thing? Tablo proves that being sleepless at night can be a good thing through Epik High ‘Sleepless In __________’

Epih High Sleepless In

Epik High Sleepless In .It’s not a secret that Tablo has always been an insomniac, and he turned it into an inspiration that allowed him to write seven songs on Epik High’s first album in two years. The last album ‘WE`VE DONE SOMETHING WONDERFUL; is a big hit back on 2017.

They deliberately left a blank in the album title because people could be sleepless in anywhere in the world, not just in Seoul. I personally found that them leaving it blank is interesting because I can relate more to the album, since I can be sleepless in my bed or wherever I’m going to be sleepless in the future.

Epik High ‘Sleepless In __________’ EP Tracklist

The mini album features guest vocals and a couple of songs were also co-produced with other artists like BTS’s Suga in ‘Eternal Sunshine’ and Code Kunst in ‘No Different’.

Epik High Sleepless in ________ tracklist

  • Sleepless
  • In Seoul (Feat. SunWoo Jung-A)
  • Lovedrunk (Feat. Crush)
  • Eternal Sunshine
  • No Different (Feat. Yuna)
  • Rain Again Tomorrow
  • Lullaby for a Cat

Epik High -- ‘Love Drunk’ (Feat. Crush)

Love Drunk was chosen as the first single of the album and the MV features actresses IU and Jin Seoyeon that make the MV looks like a Short movie instead of your usual Music video. Adding Crush voice made the track absolutely perfect.



Epik High Announced Europe and North America Tour

Meanwhile the new album has just hit the racks in record stores, Epik High has already announced the dates for their Europe as well as North America tour even before they revealed the new album’s teaser. TMI: Epik High sign to William Morris endeavor (WME) which is a home for : Adele, Alicia Keys, Bruno Mars and many more


Epik High also rule the charts with the track ‘Love Drunk’ . The track with Crush have been in the top of all South Korea Music charts and get an All Kill !! The rest of the track also going quite high in South korea music charts.



Epik HighLove Drunk’ top south korea Music charts



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