Mokyo Daddy Something | 1st Debut tracks from Mokyo

The new artist of H1GHRMUSIC release consecutive new music !! Mokyo AKA Thurxday release 2 single in recent weeks. Also gonna release an album soon !!

Mokyo Daddy

Mokyo Daddy Something. In span of a week, Mokyo already release 2 new consecutive single title ‘Daddy’ & ‘Something’. Known before as Thurxday the producer, Mokyo the artist want listener to feel the same way that he do, by adding his voice & lyrics compared to just produce the musics.  TMI: Mokyo is korea for Thursday & he loves Tokyo so that where the stage name come from.


Something MV

Debut track of Mokyo the singer-songwriter. Mokyo have his own way of singing, he’s not your prototypical singer yet his feelings reach home. That’s the most important part for Mokyo, This song was made as a gratitude to his mom, but he want the listener to feel the same way towards anyone they feel grateful with.  Such a deep song



After release a positive song ‘Something’. Mokyo release a song with negative concept ‘Daddy’ The description for the single is ‘This is for people suffering from domestic violence‘, Mokyo touch a sensitive subject with a subtle approach .  TMI:  the lyrics in both tracks (something & daddy) use english words.

Mokyo ‘Daddy’ MV

Keynote Interview with Mokyo

Make sure to follow Mokyo on Instagram :@Mokyofuckyo & H1GHRMUSIC : @H1GHRMUSIC . One more TMI : Thurxday is a close friends of JooYoung & pH-1 !!



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