Han Yohan EXIV Album | Produced by Minit, Haruhi & Sora

Han Yohan is back with a new Album. EXIV its Han Yohan 1st full album with 10 tracks inside. Let’s get to know what the album is all about !!

Han Yohan EXIV

Han Yohan EXIV EP. Not only known for his fun personality (and Instagram post). Han Yohan is actually one of the most productive rapper & Musician of 2018. Include featuring, Han Yohan already participate in more than 40 tracks since 2018.  Now he release a new album, i promise that the track is as fun as Yohan  Instagram post.


Han Yohan EXIV Album tracklist

  • To all the fake rapstar feat Swings prod by Minit
  • Dance feat Giriboy prod by Minit
  • Smile feat Kim Seungmin prod by Minit
  • Oasis prod by Minit
  • Villain out feat Kang Gary prod by Minit
  • Ice feat Verbal Jint prod by Haruhi
  • 12.00 feat Kim Seungmin & Swings prod by Sora
  • Reset feat Lil Boi prod by Minit
  • TO ALL THE FAKE RAPSTAR REMIX feat Justhis, Kid Milli, NO:EL, Young B prod by minit
  • Gamsung choong

As you can see most of the track is produced by Producer Minit who already produce lots of track for IMJM & WYBH Member like Giriboy, NO:EL, Kim Seungmin, OLNL & Many More.

Dance feat Giriboy MV

A Samurai with a guitar. Thanks to Han Yohan i ended up searching google and found a movie called ‘Six String Samurai’. Whether It’s relevant or not, the track is awesome !! This is not on Bumper car/Helicopter level of energetic but just like the title, you can’t help but dance. TMI : WYBH Member also making a cameo in the MV.



Han Yohan recently really active. Participate in GRAY 119 Remix, Dding & IMJMDWP. Yohan part always leave an immediate impact for the listener !!.Yohan also will held a special album release party on 30th of March 2019

Album release party


Bonus : Han Yohan the Dingo ICON Fanmeeting

Make sure to Follow Han Yohan on Instagram :@Yohanheaven , WYBH :@WYBH_KOREA @ & Just Music : @wejustmusic You doesn’t want to Miss out all the fun of Han Yohan, beside make great music he always post fun Instagram Post & Stories !!

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What do you think of Han Yohan Exiv 1st full album ?? Which track is your favorite track ?? let us know in the comment section below !!