Stella Jang Mad Clown | KPOP Cover Battle Legend vs Rookie

Mad Clown and Stella Jang had been active promoting their single before they ended the activities. Check out Stella Jang Mad Clown 1THEK Special appearance

Stella Jang Mad Clown

Stella Jang Mad Clown on KPOP Cover Battle Legend vs Rookie by 1theK, Mad Clown and Stella Jang came as the guests to promote their single, “No Question”.

Unlike the usual battle which have been shown the guests to cover the songs each other. Both of them battle with their collaboration that play their respective songs. They played Mad Clown “Stupid in Love” and Stella Jang “Dumped Yesterday”


Stella Jang Mad Clown Dumped Yesterday

When asked by Eana Kim about his feeling, Mad Clown said, “It has been a while since I have been on a show like this. So, I think, it will be fun.” “Are you sure?” “Yes.” Stella Jang said, “ It has been an honor to be here with Mad Clown.”



When asked about what is their actual relationship, Mad Clown said, “To be honest, we do not have any relationship, but I wanted to collaborate with her so I reached out.” Stella Jang flustered then said, “No! I reaced out him first. Back then I did not any track but I sent him a DM. We met at the winter 2 years ago, so it feels great that eventually we have a song together.”

‘Stupid in Love’

how they feels about working with each other ?

When Mad Clown look at the a song, he got a sense where the artist coming from. When he write a love song, Mad Clown get really mad and crazy. He found out that Stella Jang also have the same compassion. she also can rap really well !!



Meanwhile Stella Jang want to do the collaboration because She want to make a song about a couple who had a crazy breakup.

No Question’


Make sure to follow both Stella Jang Mad Clown on Instagram ; @Anythinggoes85 & @interstellajang . We hope this collaboration is the first of many to come !!



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