Qwala YovngTrucker Single Album | Let’s Keep going !!

Qwala from Osamari crew is back !! Continue the trend of Truck that been released since 2014. Let’s check out how Qwala the young trucker sounds in the latest single album !!

Qwala Yvngtrcuker

Qwala Yovngtrucker. Officially debut on 2012, Qwala had a lengethy career in korea hip hop industry. Already join SMTM on 3 occasion on SMTM 2,3 & recently on 777 with fellow Osamari Crew Walter & Slick O’domar. Qwala been using the theme truck since the single album Monster Truck on 2014, Monster Truck 2014 EP & Monster truck 2 Album.

Qwala Yovngtrucker tracklist

  • Tricksta feat Superbee & Paloalto
  • Follower feat Zenethezilla

qwala ‘Tricksta’ audio

What associate with Qwala ?? 90 wave !! Well that’s not wrong but Qwala is also known for his boombap with easy going flow. This single album will be different because Qwala use a trap beat but still with use signature flow. Just like Qwala lyrics ‘everybody wanna be a rocksta but i wanna be a tricksta‘. Tricksta also means someone with a tons of tricks in disposal, not a one trick pony.



Qwala achievement sometimes is taken for granted. On SMTM 777, Qwala do really well, many can argue that ‘Good Day’ will still top the charts even if Qwala verse were to replace one of the other team member verse.


Qwala ‘Good Day’ on SMTM 777 with Kid Milli, pH-1 & Loopy



Bonus, My personal favorite Qwala track : Monsta Truck feat Nucksal

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