Sinstealer My People EP | A story about close ones

Sinstealer is back with a new EP !!! The R&B/soul singer from IIVI crew release new EP titled ‘My People‘ . Let’s get to know more about Sinstealer while listen to the tracks inside the EP.

Sinstealer My people

Sinstealer My People. Officially debut on 2017, Sinstealer is one of musician that use indie platforms such as Soundcloud & Naver Musician league to get his music known to the public. Not only a singer, Sinstealer also a producer who produce his own music including most of the track inside his latest EP that just released ‘My People‘.

Sinstealer My people EP Tracklist

  • Owl
  • One night stand feat Fred
  • Problem prod by FR:EDEN
  • Odo feat BOitello
  • Brain fade
  • Peace feat Rheehab
  • 27 years
  • Oasis

There’s 8 track inside the EP. All the track is produced by Sinstealer besidethe third track ‘Problem’ which produced by FR:EDEN. The tracks inside the EP have something that SInstealer want to convey to his close one : Family, friends, colleagues and so on.


Are you an Owl ?? A song that tell a story of someone that cant help but enjoy the nights. The MV use animation that explain the lyrics really well, as a fellow nocturnal i can really relate to this song. The subtle piano sounds and slow tempo beat is perfect for you that commute to work/school everyday using public transportation. Just put this on repeat and voila its already an hour.

Snippet of Owl Lyrics translation

“I can’t sleep tonight
We can always sleep tomorrow right ??
Whats wrong with you ??
That’s why you doze off in the day”



Check out Sinstealer perform ‘Autumn Scent‘ LIVE

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Which track is your favorite one from Sinstealer My People EP ?? There still more release from Sinstealer make sure to check his other music out !!!