MBC Kill Bill Ep 4 | 2nd round team stage & result

The show that target World Billboard chart reach it’s 4th episode !! It means there’s only 6 episode left to determine who gonna collaborate with DJ Khaled and made a push to take Billboard Charts !!

MBC Kill Bill

MBC Kill Bill ep 4. After having a ‘Filler’ episode last time around (not much performance/background stories just contestant singing on Karaoke). This time around all the contestant have a chance to perform their best and get as many votes as possible from 300 fans.


2nd stage MBC Kill Bill

The rules is kinda.. different ?? After getting accostumed to SMTM/School rapper type of rules, we doesn’t really get whats the point of the rules from MBC ‘Kill BIll‘. So basically contestant gonna be separated into two teams. They didn’t battle other team, instead they battle each other even though they prepare the stage together. Weird but okay.


Dok2 battle Bewhy & YDG (282 Points . Team A Winner)

Dok2 on the Mic !! Changmo on the piano !! Dok2 brings his secret weapon, Changmo the pianist for his stage. Dok2 perform ‘Still On My way’ Medley that tell the story of Dok2 from his childhood, become a rapper in the early age, present and future. The Young King Young Boss still on his way even though he already reach the top of KHH industry.


Bewhy battle Dok2 & YDG (272 points)

Another SMTM hit track ?? That’s the complain Dok2 get when Rhythm Power perform. But Bewhy can’t help to once again perform his SMTM hit tracks because bad result mean elimination at this point. Bewhy perform ‘Day Day‘ band version with Band Workmanship who have been feature in a lot of rapper stage like AOMG, H1GHRMUSIC & Penomeco.



YDG battle Dok2 & Bewhy (222 points | nearly eliminated)


“I’m Going home going home going home”. This track is YDG latest track for Samsung WebDrama ‘Ambergris’ . YDG bring the props that he use on ‘Hyena on the Keyboard’ back and everyone can’t help but amazed.


Rhythm Power battle Jessi & Cheetah (280 Points | Team B winner)

Rhythm Power bring their signature track ‘Rhythm Power‘ + SMTM 6 hit track ‘Yozm Gang‘ which they add Geegooin & Boi B Verse . They score the lowest on 100 seconds vote but score the highest at the end. I Still don’t get what’s the point of the 100 second score because the result is completely vice versa.



Jessi battle cheetah & Rhythm Power (270 points)

Jessi perform ‘Gucci’ remix this stage. There’s a rumor spreading online that Jessi also perform ‘Wet’ with Flowsik on this stage (Jessi wear the same clothes) but get edited by MBC. We never know the truth but we hope we can see more Jessi & flowsik because they really a powerful combo.


Cheetah battle Jessi & Rhythm Power (256 Points | Nearly eliminated)

Cheetah perform ‘Lip Service‘ & ‘Day Dream’ remix version with DJ Sam & Sp3ck. Personally i think Cheetah have her best performance this episod. The crowd also gave a crazy reaction  yet she’s have the lowest score. Sometimes crowd reaction didnt equal votes.



PS : Why i said nearly eliminated for YDG & Cheetah. THey suppose to be eliminated this round but they given a 2nd Chance. There still 6 episode going forward and its gonna be weird (and wont have enough airtime) if they keep going with only 4 people.


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Who do you think have the best stage on the 2nd round ?? There still 6 episode to come, Don’t miss Kill Bill every Thursday, 11 PM KST on MBC !!