Basick Manbogi | New Single from OUTLIVE

It’s been a while since Basick release a new track, especially after he part ways with RBW & start a new company with his friends OUTLIVE. Let’s check out Basick latest single !!

Basick outlive

Basick Manbogi. Former SMTM 4 winner Basick is back with a new track ‘Manbogi’ featuring Mckdaddy !! We’ve been waiting for this release for quite some time since we got a chance to talk with OUTLIVE few months ago. ¬†

OUTLIVE : “Basick has recorded and has quite amount of music on deck. It is undecided how they will be released yet. But we can promise, soon.”


Basick Manbogi feat Mckdaddy MV

The track feature Mckdaddy who just join Grandline Entertainment recently. Basick rap in a trap beat ?? Most of us knew Basick when he’s become the trending topic on SMTM 4, riding his flow to old school beats. Let’s get that prejudice off with Basick latest track which as trendy as any other rapper that rise recently. Welcome to the new Spaceship with Basick!!



Throwback to Old School Basick on SMTM 4


Basick also scheduled to appear on MTV Asia Yo! Raps 2019

Make sure to Follow Basick future activities by following Basick Instagram :@realbasick & OUTLIVE instagram : @Outlive_official . They have a great start to 2019 and we hope we can write more article about them this year !!



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