Moti WHSH | Moti is Working Hard and Stay Humble

Work Hard Stay Humble. That’s the motto of Moti from Planetarium Records. Nice quote right ? Even his stage name come from the words ‘Motivator’ . Let’s get to know more about Moti WHSH’ EP


Moti WHSH . The rapper from Planetarium records have been busy this year, beside release ‘WHSH’ EP, Moti also busy having a Europe tour with fellow Planetarium Records. Are you the one who lucky enough to witness Moti & PLT Live on your hometown ??

Moti WHSH EP Tracklist

  • Know
  • Work and Reest
  • Go feat June
  • Free the Mind feat Villain
  • Humble

WHSH means ‘Work hard Stay Humble’ . Contrary to the popular beliefs where Bravado & arrogance consider a traits in hiphop, Moti decide to go with a ‘Humility’ as a theme. How will Moti tracks turn out ??

Go feat June MV preview

The title track from Moti EP ‘Go’ implies that he’s gonna keep going forward while working hard & Stay humble.  June verse on 1:35 complete already awesome track. There’s also a guitar solo in the end which really cool, i wish there’s a Moti verse that accompany that part.

Snippet of Moti ‘Go’ Lyrics

“Pull up and i go
Work hard and stay hamble
Pour up and i kick with it
Always on my feet SWOOSH
My LIfe change
The sooner the better WHSH
Keep Hating me
I dont know you
You just stay there
I Just go”



‘Humble’ LIVE

This is my personal favorite track from ‘WHSH’ EP. This track is a gratitude track for everyone who help Moti in the past. He gonna keep humble going forward by remember every things that brings him this far.


Follow Moti on Instagram :@Motiwhsh & Planetarium records Instagram @Planetariumrecords  . Pretty sure we gonna made another review about either Moti or PLT Soon  !!



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