Hash Swan Sudoku | Love is Complicated like math

.Hash Swan is back with a new single !! The rapper from Holmes crew is here with a new track title Sudoku. It’s been a while  ~

Hash Swan Sudoku

Hash Swan Sudoku.  It’s been a while since Hash Swan release his own music. Actually, it’s already a year ago when Hash Swan release ‘Alexandrite’ EP on february 2018. Hash Swan still active doing featuring & perform in events/concerts but nothing beats a fresh new music ~


Hash Swan ‘Sudoku’ audio

The track is produced by RNDY, the beat really calming even though the lyrics of the track is gloomy. Anwyay, why Sudoku ?? What does the addicting yet complicated math problems have to do with Hash Swan new track ?? in the lyrics Hash Swan said “Unlocking our relationship just like Sudoku , It was complicated but there’s always an answer in the end”



Hash Swan haven’t been active release music compared to his Ambition friends like Changmo & Kim Hyoeun. He still active doing featuring, release music with his Holmes Crew and participate in cypher like GRAY 119 Remix & Nuol Finder Cypher.

Hash Swan Verse on 119 Remix

Make sure to follow Hash Swan activities by following his Instagram : @Hashblanccoa & Ambition Musik Instagram :@Ambition_musik . We pretty sure this track just gonna be a start of Hash Swan activities on 2019 !!



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