Geegooin B Movie | An Epic Poem of Geegooin

Geegooin is back !!!  Geegooin release an EP that once again permeate a cinematic concepts. The last solo EP from Geegooin was actually have a similiar concept, titled ‘Cinema Kid 01’ back in 2016. Let’s see how Geegooin new EP sounds like on 2019.

Geegooin B Movie

Geegooin B movie. The teaser for this EP is interesting, on the Instagram page Amoeba culture said “Geegooin, the director debut” while the poster said ‘Original Film’. We really have a lot of expectation because the concept is something totally new at the times, we even have a wild thought it’s gonna be release as a short movie just like Zion T did.


Geegooin B Movie Tracklist

  • Kuse feat Boi B & Bewhy (prod by Padi)
  • Jjongpal (prod by Padi)
  • Stephen Chow feat The Quiett (prod by Padi)
  • Mudslinging feat Jay Park (prod by Padi)
  • Interlude (prod by Dress)
  • Be good feat Lil Boi (prod by Ashbrass)
  • No More drama feat Boi B (prod by Thurxday)

Geegooin actually dream to be a movie director when he’s young, until now he’s still love movies & cinematography. Which inspire Geegooin as a musician.


‘Mudslinging’ feat Jay Park MV

Before we talk about the track, let’s talk about the MV. ‘Mudslinging’ Music Video  is actually inspired by 1968 movie ‘Night of the Living Dead‘, as you can see there’s Zombie with Black & white concept as a reminiscence of the 60’s. The track also have an inner desire of Geegooin who thrive to be a better person. The story of Geegooin starts now !



Geegooin is now competing on MBC ‘Kill BiIl alongside of Ryhthm Power. THey have been doing really well, constatly winning the roundsn even against fierce competition like Dok2, Bewhy, Jessi, Cheetah & YDG. It’s nice to see Geegooin keeping up with music activities when Boi B & Hangzoo is busy as School rapper 3 mentor. 2019 gonna be the year of Rhythm Power !!

‘Bangsaneung’ on MBC Kill Bill ep 1

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What do you think of Geegooin B Movie EP ?? Which track is your favorite from the EP ? Let us know below in the comment section !!