Hanhae About TIme EP | It’s time to say short goodbye

Hanhae goodbye for a while. After saying his goodbye on 7th of february 2019 because of mandatory military service, Hanhae release a EP as a present for all the fans. Let’s check out what the EP is all about.

Hanhae about time

Hanhae About Time EP. Hanhae already say a short goodbye to us for 22 months, but he didn’t leave empty handed, he leave an EP for everyone to enjoy while waiting for him to discharge. The rapper of Brand New Music also said it in his handwritten letterI Gonna be happy if you’re happy while listening to his new EP”.


Hanhae About Time EP tracklist

  • Flashback (prod by IOAH)
  • Aigoo / I go (prod by Assbrass)
  • Gunzo
  • About time feat Badminton (prod by Assbrass)
  • Domino feat rudals (prod by Cielo)
  • Clip clop feat Dope doug (prod by APRO)

Hanhae ‘I Go’ MV Preview

The title track of Hanhae ‘About Time’ Ep is titled ‘Aigoo’ which is a play of words for ‘I Go‘ (they sound the same). The track that produced by Assbrass have a deep lyrics about Hanhae looking back at his busy career and how important parents influence for him.

Snippet of ‘Aigoo’ lyrics

“Today i finish my schedule earlier than usual
Flop down on the couch, being lazy
quenching my thirst with a beer
I look at the pictures of my niece 
Now i keep thinking about my Mom

Brr Brr
I think i gonna call you
Just like the maknae/youngest son in the family
I’m sorry i cant do any aegyo
The beep getting longer, start to worry
There’s a nice voice “what is it son?””


Hanhae also featured on KEY of Shinee track ‘Cold’ Fellow Amazing saturday !!

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