Cosmic Boy can i Love ? CAN I COSMIC !!

“CAN I COSMIC??” That’s the signature sound from producer Cosmicboy. The DJ/Producer from WYBH release a new EP title ‘Can I love?’ . Cosmic + Love = Can i love ?

Cosmic boy Can I Love ?? Beside producing for numerous other artist such as Giriboy, OLNL, Soma Kid Milli & many more, Cosmicboy also release his own music. It’s been nearly a year since he release his 1st EP ‘Can I Cosmic‘ , let’s check how the new EP turned out !

Cosmic boy Can I Love EP tracklist 

  • Love feat Fisherman
  • Can I Love feat Youra & Meego
  • About time feat Giriboy & THama
  • Brainwashed feat George, ChoiLB & Coogie
  • Resembling what i hate feat OLNL
  • The song i will sing at my wedding feat Areyouchildish
  • What’s your feat Areyouchildish
  • Desert Island feat Sampling
  • Indisgestion feat Kid Milli, ChoiLB & Carthegarden

9 track from the EP that feature 11 other artist. Wait, Areyouchilidsh ?? Isn’t it’s just means that it features OLNL ?? That’s not wrong because Areyouchildish is OLNL & Cosmicboy duo. Does this mean they gonna release another song together?? Let’s wait and see ~

Cosmic boy Can I Love feat Youra & meego

Let’s start with something different. This time Cosmicboy feature SBS ‘The Fan contestant youra & singer Meego. This track is really showcase Cosmicboy versatility to work with different style of singer (not just his WYBH/Stoneship friends). We wish many other solo artist & singer notice Cosmicboy so we can great more Cosmicboy music with other type of vocals.

This is Cosmicboy comfort Zone. Feature his WYBH George, ChoiLB and (nearly become WYBH member) Coogie. The chemistry between 4 of them is a home run. ChoiLB even pass the baton by using a verse “Coogie also have something to say” before Coogie start his verse on ‘Brainwashed’.

Cosmicboy ‘Brainwashed’ feat Coogie & Choilb

Cosmicboy ‘Can I Love‘ album release party. 2nd of March 2019

If you curious about Cosmic boy you can follow him on Instagram : @cosmicboy__ ; @WYBH_korea & Stoneship_ . We look forward for more activities from Cosmicboy, WYBH & Stoneship on 2019 !!

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What do you think of Cosmic Boy new EP ?? Which one is your favorite track ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!