School Rapper 3 contestant | All 32 contestant profile

School Rapper 3 Contestant !! Here the list of all the contestant profile . Let’s get to know all the contestant from the 3rd season of School Rapper. One of the kids could be the next big thing on Korea music industry.

School Rapper 3 contestant

School Rapper 3 contestant master list . The new season of School Rapper starts !!! There’s 32 contestant this season, let’s get to know more about each contestant. Note : more information will be added in the future when we got to know more about each contestant.


Young Kay / Kim Minkyu

School rapper 3 contestant

Profile : Kiff Clan Maknae Kim Minkyu. SMTM 777 contestant eliminated on 2nd round. Cool Kids Never Die Crew.

Young Kay Birthday : 21st of January 2001

School Rapper 3 :

  • Only Kiff clan representative
  • Win the 1st cypher
  • Quarter Final
  • Join Team code Kunst & The QUiett
  • Mojo People Records

IG : @plzdontp1ayme

Soundcloud : @letshtb


Kang Hyunjoon / Lil Tachi

School rapper 3 contestant

Profile : Taljoo crew. SMTM 777 contestant (COOGIE ZILLA TACHI DON BOLEO) eliminated against Coogie & Zene the zilla.

Lil Tachi Birthday : 4 February 2002

School Rapper 3

IG :

Soundcloud : @boinatachi


Go Junseo

School rapepr 3 contestant

Profile : School Rapper 2 contestant. The boy from Jeju island.

Birthday :

School Rapper 3

  • If he win he gonna perform Go Junseo dance

IG : @snobbishxoi

Soundcloud : @snbbsh



Tang / Kwon younghoon

School rapper 3 contestant


Profile : 8zone crew, Most popular School Rapper 3 online audition

Birthday :

School Rapper 3 :

  • Self proclaimed cheat character
  • Gonna dress up silly if he goes to the final
  • Final

IG : @tangtheawesome_21_8zone

Soundcloud :@tangtheawesomekidfinemantheziantmertens


Yoo Chanwook / BE’O

School rapper 3 contestant

Profile : Wip Cream crew

Birthday :

School Rapper 3

  • Competitive
  • SOPA student, friends with lots of idols
  • Gonna release 2 album this year

IG : @bbbooo_000

Soundcloud : @b2_o



Jung Jiwoong / JayOne

School Rapper 3

Profile : The son of actor Jung Eunpyo, Appear a lot on TV, a child celebrity.


School Rapper 3 :

  • IQ of 165
  • If he win he gonna release rap practice video
  • Flex Zone MC

IG : @jayonetheyellowjacket




Jin Soomin


Profile : runner up of Rap Diary

Birthday :

School Rapper 3

  • Jazz Boombap Genre

IG : @iminnowhere

Soundcloud : @iminnowhere


Choi Jinho / Blue whale

School Rapper 3 contestant

Profile : 8zone crew (Same as Tang), Cheongju


School Rapper 3 :

  • Gonna give music equipment to friends who want to do music if he win
  • Join Team Giriboy Kid Milli
  • Final

IG :@bluewhale1206_8zone

Soundcloud : @bluewhale



All 8 of the contestant above is in team Young Kay. There still 24 more School rapper 3 contestant in the NEXT PAGE