Loco Hello EP | Loco say Hello & Goodbye

Loco Annyeong ~ On the Day Loco went to the military, he release a new EP title ‘Hello’. In korea Hello is annyeong which also could be use to say goodbye.

Loco Hello EP

Loco Hello EP. As a present before Kwon hyuk woo leave for a while to serve his mandatory military service, he release an EP titled ‘Hello’. I know this EP wouldn’t be sufficient for us who gonna be without Loco for 22 months, but let’s listen to it while we wait for Loco to return ~.

Loco Hello EP Tracklist

  • Nothing (Prod by Goosebumps)
  • It’s been a while feat Zion (Prod by GRAY)
  • Tangled Up feat pH-1 (prod by Thurxday)
  • Some Beatmaker feat Yeesang & Woo Wonjae (prod by Kitsches)
  • Too fast feat Paloalto (Prod by Woogie)
  • How (Prod by Woogie)

There’s 7 tracks inside the EP which each produced by different Producer. Each track have different vibes & show Loco music versatility, it doesn’t matter what type of beat Loco rap with, he still gonna make the song great.

It’s Been A While feat Zion T MV

It’s been a while ~ It’s gonna be a while till we see Loco again. ‘It’s been a while’ feature Loco VV:D friends Zion T & GRAY. It’s really been a while since Loco work together with VV:D Member (which not GRAY & ELO). There’s a part in the MV where Zion T shave Loco hair while Loco rapping about himself going to the military.

Snippet of Loco ‘It’s been a while’ lyrics

“Ah, I’m so late to join to the army maybe
I’ll join on 7th of February in Nonsan
It was good to see you
I hope we’ll keep in touch
When we would see each other again ??”


Loco ‘It’s been a while’ feat Zion T Top the charts

Loco Hello

The song ‘It’s been a while’ s also top the charts when it release !! We glad there’s so many people that love Loco. I’m pretty sure he’s smiling in the military training center if he knows ~


Bonus : Loco in the military training center with other trainee

Credit : Beamin Instagram

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Let’s listen to Loco Hello’ EP and other music from Loco while we wait for him to get discharged from the military. Stay healthy and happy there Loco !!