Sky Castle Cover | Great Rap cover by Rick Bridges

What is the most popular K-drama of 2019 ?? Not many can argue against the JTBC Drama that peak with more than 24 % rating nationwide, Sky Castle. Recently, Rick Bridges do a rap cover of Sky Castle drama OST.

SKy Castle Cover

Sky Castle cover by Rick Bridges. Active is an understatement for Rick Bridges, beside busy perform & release his own music, Rick Bridges also often do a project of do a rap cover of many¬† songs from many different artist. Now, we got another gem from Rick bridges, he’s just like a gift that keep on giving.


Rick Bridges ‘We All lie’ Sky Castle cover

Rick bridges have many other rap covers, like ‘Bad boy‘ by Red Velvet & ‘All I want for Christmas’. But personally i think this rap cover of Sky Castle is the best so far.¬† Rick bridges not only did a cover but a rap cover, adding his own take & lyrics for the Song by Ha Jin.

Snippet of Rick Bridges lyrics on ‘We All Lie’ rap cover

“Not just a drama, look around you
My flip hone sending unusual tone
I can’t let go of what i have right now
Lie Lie, It becomes a habit of mine”

If you curious of Rick Bridges original work, check out his track with Punchnello Deuces

Rick Bridges have been really active recently. Make sure to follow Rick Bridges on Instagram :@rick_bridges & youtube channel for more info about Rick Bridges music activities. We look forward to what to come next on 2019 !!

What do you think of Rick Bridges doing a Sky Castle cover of ‘We All Lie’ ?? Let us know your opinion below !!