Cherry Coke Bath | Lets Enjoy Chill R&B

Cherry coke, the R&B Singer is back with a new single ‘Bath’. What would you like to listen on chilly days ?? A hype energetic songs ?? or a chill relaxing one ?? If you into the latter you need listen to this song.

Cherry Coke Bath

Cherry Coke Bath. A new single by the R&B singer who officially debut on 2017 with single album ‘Up’. Cherry Coke journey actually already start way back when she release a mixtape ‘Here’ on her soundcloud 3 years ago. On 2018, Cherry Coke have been really active release her own music & featuring in other musician track. Now on 2019, she starts the year with a new single ‘Bath‘.

Cherry Coke Bath’ audio preview

Close your eyes and enjoy the track that produced by Snaggie Owky. The track also add natural sounds like water drops that make the listener fell deeper into the lyrics of ‘Bath’. Cheery Coke also change her voice from singing clearly into whispering in the hook, which really catchy & memorable.


Another track from Cherry coke that i recommend is ‘Blind’ from the EP that was release early on 2018.

If you still curious about Cherry coke you can follow her on Instagram : @Cherrycoke95 & Soundcloud :@cherrycoke95 . We look forward for more music content on 2019 !!


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