Slick Odomar Art Polio | Osamari lets go !!

Slick O’domar release a new single album !!! The SMTM 777 contestant from Osamari crew is back with a new single album Art Polio with 2 track inside.

Slick Odomar Art Polio, a new single album from the member of Osamari Crew. The rapper that debut 5 years ago on 2014 with ‘Freedom Prime’ been making lot of noise on 2018 by joining SMTM 777 and go quite far. This gonna be Slick O’domar first official track after his journey on SMTM 777 ended

Slick Odomar Art Polio Tracklist

  • SOD 
  • Cheers & Peace feat Paloalto

The track ‘SOD’ is produced by James Keys while ‘Cheers & peace’ is produced by Gunbae & Woonghee. which give the track two different style of music. SOD is a cypher type of track that showcase O’domar rap in old school style while ‘Cheers & peace is more easy to listen.

Cheers & Peace feat paloalto

This is different, didn’t expect Slick O’domar go with this style of music. ‘Cheers & peace’ is an easy to listen song, perfect for the season that makes you just want to chillax ~.  It’s nice to see rapper that not stick to the usual style of hip hop thought, incorporate jazz, soul & other style of music in their repertoire. Paloalto also give a shout out with his verse “Osamar O’domar is my new friend, i want to go play to 90wave to see Qwala” . 


‘SOD’ MV preview

This is just pure fire. The first beat is just using Drum as a beat and Slick O’domar spitting fire. Simple yet really showcase and serve as an introduction for everyone who doesn’t know the rapper from Osamari Crew yet. The member of Osamari crew also make a cameo in the MV !!

Just a reminder, Slick O’domar on SMTM 777

If you still curious about O’domar you can follow him on Instagram : @Osa_odomar , Soundcloud : @Slickodomar & Osamari Crew Instagram : @Osamarikorea . We Look forward for more activities by O’domar & Osamari crew on 2019 !!


Listen & purchase to Slick Odomar Art Polio on Genie, Melon & Bugs

What do you think of O’domar single album ‘Art Polio’ ?? Which track do you prefer ?? Let us know in the comment section below !!