KGVOVC from wybh vol.1 | Get to know the EP & the crew

KGVOVC !! We already got some hint when they have a song in Just Music ‘Series’ compilation album. Now the long awaited EP finally release !! Let’s get to know the songs and KGVOVC .


KGVOVC from WYBH. KGVOVC is a sub-crew/unit from WYBH member : K is for Kid Milli & Kim seungmin, G is for Giriboy, O for OLNL, C for ChoilB while Double V become W for WYBH. WYBH been rising as a crew  and individually on 2018. TMI, all of KGVOVC member appear on SMTM 777 !!


KGVOVC from wybh Vol.1 tracklist

  • Supernatural Power Giriboy, OLNL, ChoiLB & Kim Seungmin
  • Pepperoni Kim Seungmin, Giriboy, OLNL
  • Wall Giriboy, Kim Seungmin, Hayake, OLNL & NO:EL
  • It’s Heavy Giriboy & Kid Milli
  • Equus remix Giriboy, Kim Seungmin feat Chaboom
  • Stone Giriboy, OLNL, & Kim Seungmin

All the track inside this EP is mix & mastered by WeDaplugg producer sAewoo. While the track feature each of KGVOVC/WYBH member beside Equus remix that feature Chaboom.


Wall  Giriboy, Kim Seungmin, OLNL, Hayake & NO:EL on Dingo Freestyle

This track not only feature KGVOVC member but also WYBH member Hayake & NO:EL !! Do you hear that sound in the beginning (sounds like Kuci kuci) ??  That’s the signature sounds of Coa White, the same producer who produce team Giriboy & Swings SMTM 777 track ‘Science fiction technology‘. Thank you for making the perfect beat for ‘Wall’ where fellow WYBH member is spitting fire !

Before this EP released, they also pre release the track ‘Stone’ which i already make an article before. Make sure to check out all the track inside KGVOVC from wybh Vol.1 EP, i guarantee it’s gonna be great !

Kim Seungmin, Giriboy, OLNL ‘Stone’

Make sure to follow all KGVOVC member on Instagram : @Giriboy91 , @choilb, @Superstarjimmyfuckedup, @Kidcozyboy, & @Hiolnl . We wish all the best for KGVOVC & WYBH for their crew & member individual activities !!


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What do you think of KGVOVC WYBH EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? let us know below on the comment section !!