Chillin Homie Undercover | A new soundcloud track

Chillin Homie the savior !! After his brief stint on SMTM 777, Chillin Homie gains quite of fame & recognition yet he havent release any music/single since then. Let’s check out ‘Undercover’ which also Chillin Homie first track after SMTM 777 ended.

Chillin Homie undercover

Chillin Homie Undercover. New Soundcloud track by Chillin Homie, the rapper from NFL Crew is always bring fire to his rap, including this one. He’s been featuring in other artist track in the recent months but as i write in many of my articles before, no place tell artist personality/character the most better than their Soundcloud track.

Chillin Homie Undercover Audio

The track is short but hit the points, i can imagine this track gonna explode if perform on bigger stage like SMTM . Only 1 minute, yet it leave great impression just like Chillin Homie verse on SMTM 777. Chillin homiw flow and how he tackle his lyrics always gotta be his strong points, including this time around.

Chillin Homie is one of a kind, he’s sticking to old school type of flow that were rare to hear from the young generation. Check out also Chillin Homie verse on SMTM 777, too bad he’s eliminated too early.

Chillin Homie on SMTM 777 2nd Round/Fire Round

If you curious about Chillin Homie, you can follow him on Instagram :@Chillinhomiethesavior & his crew NFL  @naughty4life_official  We look forward to Chillin homie activites on 2019 !!

What do you think of Chillin Homie undercover soundcloud track ?? Let us know your opinion below !!