Amoeba Culture new member | HSR 1 Kim SunJae !!

To start 2019, there’s been many agency that unveil new member. Today we got Amoeba Culture new member, who is it ?? it’s former School Rapper 1 contestant Kim Sun Jae !!

Amoeba Culture New Member

Amoeba Culture New member !! The family that become a home for Dynamic Duo, Crush, HA:TFELT, Rhythm Power, Bang Jaemin, DJ Friz and many more now become a home for School Rapper 1 finalist Kim Sun Jae !! Today, on 11th of February 2019 Amoeba Culture announce new member of their family.

Amoeba Culture Website, Kim SunJae Official

Amoeba Culture New Member

“Spotlighted with cute looks and stable rapping at “School Rapper Season 1,” Kim Sun Jae is a rookie of Amoeba Culture. Preparing composition and lyric making talents, he is becoming a prospective artist of 2019.”


Kim Sunjae ‘Bell’ feat Hyolyn

Kim Sun Jae is a former School Rapper 1 contestant who reach the finals back then !! He have a track ‘Bell’ featuring Hyolyn who actually go quite high on South Korea Music chart when it release. Kim Sunjae also will join fellow School rapper 1 contestant Bang Jaemin in Amoeba Culture,


What do he did after School rapper 1 ended 2 years ago ?? Kim Sunjae actually release a track on June 2017 for CJ E&M project  ‘Story About : Some, One Month‘ which is a short drama series hidden in Music Video that Star Kim Min Ji and our Kim Ji Soo. Kim Sun Jae is collaborating with Roy Kim on one of the track ‘Im Gonna Lose To You’

Roy Kim x Kim Sunjae ‘I’m Gonna Lose to You’ for ‘Story About : Some, One Month’

If you curious about Kim SunJae future activities, you can follow him on Instagram : @kimsunjae__ & Agency :@Amoebakorea . We can’t wait for his debut !!!



What do you think of Amoeba Culture new member Kim Sunjae ?? Do you think the agency suit Kim Sun Jae the most ?? Let us knows your opinion below !!