Punchnello Killing Verse Dingo Freestyle | Punchnello Hit tracks

Punchnello hit track !! The latest edition of Dingo Freestyle Killing Verse feature Punchnello as the artist. Let’s get to know Punchnello with his hits track, including from the latest ‘Ordinary‘ EP

Punchnello Killing Verse

Punchnello Killing Verse on Dingo Freestyle. Punchnello didn’t have many track yet compared to other rapper/musician but every track he release is a great one !! Check out the hit tracks of Clubeskimo member Punchnello on the latest edition of Dingo Freestyle Killing Verse.

Punchnello Killing Verse on DIngo Freestyle

Green Horizon (0:16 – 1:51) : Title track from his Lime Single album. This track didn’t reach the popularity that other title track Corona (featuring Crush) have but it still great track by Punchnello nevertheless ! This track is one of the most fun track to perform by Punchnello because there;s a lot of verse that the crowd fill the gap”:joheun saram deulgwa Chillin hago mame deul ttaekkaji Fill it hae”

Lime (1:52 – 2:31) : The super rookie Punchnello was still in HIGHGRND when this track drops. There’s a lyrics that Punchnello said because there’s lot of criticism by netizen of him going to major label (HIGHGRND was under YG so many assume he’s going mainstream) even though he already got lots of fans from the hit track ‘Eung Freestyle’.

Lime lyrics translation

“why is making money a bad thing?
you cursed at me and told me i’d changed
did that become a reason to end up talking to me?
I don’t know, buddy
oh man, I have to get going now, sorry”

119 Remix (2:32 – 3:07) : One of the best verse on GRAY ‘119 Remix‘. Punchnello still going strong on 2018 even though he’s without label (Safe to assume that HIGHGRND ceased to function as an agency this year).

Ordinary EP ‘boiling Point’, ‘SWERVE’, & ‘Blue hawaii‘ (3:08 – ends) : Well, we already have a full page article for this EP, make sure to check the newest AOMG Artist track and give it a lot of listen ~

Punchnello on SMTM 6

Make sure to follow his activites on Instagram : @Fkuropinion & his agency @AOMGOfficial . We look forward for more acitivites of Punchnello on 2019 !!

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