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GROOVY EVERYWHERE !! When we hear the signature sounds, we know the track gonna be good. Including the new single album This night that feature several artist including new YGX Artist.

Groovyroom This Night

Groovyroom this night is the new single album by School Rapper 3 mentor Groovyroom. The track is original Groovyroom works, where they make their own music and find the artist that suit the song rather than make music for other artist. ‘This Night’ also have different style of music that they ever made before.


Groovyroom This Night single album tracklist

  • This night feat Blue.D & Jhnovr
  • Love Like This feat Jeremy Quest & Goosebumps

The Single album ‘This Night’ have interesting description : “APPETIZER Room Service Soon” Is this a hint that Groovyroom gonna release bigger project (EP/Album) this year ?? One thing we know is Hwimin & Gyujeong is working day & night for something ~

This Night feat Blue.D & Jhnovr

The title track of ‘This Night’ single album is the song with the same title. It’s feature YGX new artist Blue.D & WeDaPlugg records Jhnovr. We used to hear Groovyroom made track for Rapper/hip hop artist. It’s different this time because Groovyroom made a full R&B track with two singers.


Blue.D lyrics in ‘This Night’

“Where Do i go ??
I don’t know
I would run away again to my world

This night I’m about to die
Cause my feelin’s slowly killing me
Now i’m Struggling Alone
In your heart, your world feels like a fading star
One day everything will disappear”



Love Like This feat Jeremy Quest & Goosebumps

Featuring Jeremy Quest & Goosebumps. Wait goosebumps ?? Isn’t Goosebumps also a producer ?? Yup this track is a collaboration track of Groovyroom & Goosebumps. The beat totally change on 1:50 marks that make it feels we got  2 tracks in one. I wonder which one is Groovyroom beat/Goosebumps beat.



Groovyroom is one of the most productive producer on 2018 and they were nominated for Korea HipHop Awards 2019. Make sure to follow them on Instagram :@hwimmm & @Groovypark for more daily updates from Groovyroom !


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What do you think of Groovyroom This Night ?? Are you enjoying the different kinds of music style by the H1GHRMUSIC duo producer ?? Let us know below !!


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