MBC Kill Bill Ep 1 | Contestant introduction stage

Finally it air !!! The long awaited  South korea hip hop survival that gonna target the worldwide billboard chart ‘Kill Bill’ is here !!! Let’s talk about the 1st episode and their introduction stage ~

MBC Kill Bill Ep 1

MBC Kill Bill Ep 1 . The anticipated show from MBC finally air last week on Thursday 31st of January 2019. There’s so much anticipation of this program looking at the teaser & the concept of the show. The 1st episode is about introducing the contestant with their introduction stage.

MBC Kill BIll ep 1 contestant list

  • Bewhy
  • Cheetah
  • Dok2
  • YDG
  • San E
  • Rhythm Power
  • Jessi
The rules for the introduction stage : Each contestant gonna rank other contestant in introduction stage in order. After compile the scores, the best stage performance will have advantage to pick when they perform in the 1st stage. Audience gonna give a LIVE score in the 1st stage, the one who rank last will be eliminated.


Introduction Stage of MBC kill Bill Ep 1

Rhythm Power

How about GRIME to start Rhythm Power journey ??? The radioactive gang perform one of their legendary track make everyone jump around !! Really nice pick for introduction stage, time to introduce Grime to korea hip hop scene !! I actually still prefer Mic Swagger 3 version but i think it will be edited in the broadcast.



Jessi also didn’t play around for Introduction Stage. Straight perform fire with one of the legendary track from Jessi. Other contestant reaction show how fire Jessi performance is. The only disappointment is MBC censorship & cut that make Jessi performance only 1 minutes long.



Cheetah stage : Charismatic , yes ; Stage performance : brilliant ; Choice of Song : Not so much. Cheetah compete against rapper that use fast flow & up tempo so the first stage of Cheetah is kinda underwhelming.

YDG/Yang Dong Geun

Honestly, there’s no high hope for YDG consider he considered a ‘Dinosaur’ nowadays in KHH Scene. Yet, YDG prove that experience really equal knowledge. Didn’t expect this but glad it happen.



SMTM 5 Winner Bewhy is one of the biggest candidate to win this show. Bewhy have all the recipe, he can connect to today’s audience, popularity still over the roof & more than enough skills to compete against other competitor. Yet Bewhy introudction stage have a flaw, he made a lyrical mistake. He recover from it but the damage have been done


Dok2 actually not performing one of his popular track yet still got a crazy reaction by other contestant. This is just prove how far Dok2 will go in this competition, i wonder how the crowd reaction will be if he perform YGGR/Beverly 1lls.


San E

San E is the artist with most spotlight coming to this competition. Yet he seems to play around when he decide to perform ‘i’m not the same‘ from his Mic Swagger track. This is not the best start for San E journey on MBC ‘Kill Bill’


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Who do you think have the best performance from MBC kill BIll Ep 1 ?? let us know below !!