AOMG I Can See Your Voice 6 | SsamD, Loco, Gray, Cokun

Can AOMG Guess which one is Tone deaf and which one is real ?? AOMG Appear on I Can See Your Voice Season 6 episode 3 !!! Check out the hilarious cut from Simon Dominic, Code Kunst, GRAY & Loco for this episode !!

AOMG I Can See Your Voice

AOMG I Can See Your Voice Season 6 episode 3. Team AOMG Is here !! Simon Dominic, Code Kunst, GRAY & Loco appear as a guest on the show. In case you haven’t watch this show before, AOMG need to guess if the contestant actually a tone-deaf/real singer by guessing with the clue available. Can they do it ???

Foreign AOMG ?? Local AOMG ??

AOMG have foreign stage name, does anyone is from Abroad ???

  • Simon Dominic from Busan
  • GRAY from Wangsimni
  • Loco from Ssangmun Dong
  • Code Kunst from Incheon

It’s only Jay Park who from Abroad, the other AOMG is 100 % Korean.



Loco & GRAY university Junior. Cover Crush ‘Beautiful’

Loco & GRAY is from Hongik university. GRAY is from Computer engineering faculty while Loco is from Economic studies. They meet someone who actually their School Junior !! AOMG Decide to eliminate him early, does AOMG make mistake ??


Loco meet Military instructor

Loco going to enlist soon (7th of February 2019). In the show, Loco actually meet someone who is actually a militarry officer !! Loco instinctively salute her. Be safe & Healthy in the military Loco !!



Team Mommy Sons

Mommy Son is here !! It’s not one but three, They look really familiar though. GRAY, Wonjae & DIndin try to guess who they really are. Dindin even 100 % Sure that one of the Mommy Son is actually one of his closest friend !!

Untouchable !!

Legendary Duo Untouchable is here !!! DIndin, GRAY & Simon Dominic is actually right, Sleepy & D.action is here to accompany their tone deaf friend. This is also D.action first appearance on TV after more than 2 years hiatus, Welcome back hyung !!


Shy Code Kunst

Code Kunst have a chance to be side by side with one of the contestant. Cokun is so shy he become red from ear to ears. This is one of the reason why we love the AOMG Producer.


World Renowned Beatboxer Bigman

AOMG eliminate one the most talented person. He’s actually Bigman !! A world renowned beatbox artist who already come as a guest to Ellen Show in U.S !! Imagine a collaboration of talented beatboxer with AOMG ??



Finalist cover Hwasa ‘Jujjima’

AOMG pick is actually the less likeliest one to pick by the audience. Does AOMG made the right choice ?? Or AOMG will be embarrassed because they pick a tone deaf person as a finalist ??


Bonus Clip : Loco Lip Sync to Hwasa ‘Jujjima’ & Simon Dominic Lip Sync to Shaun ‘Way Back Home’

 This episode will be one of great memories that we got from Loco before he enlist to the military. Make sure to follow them on Instagram : @longlivesmdc , @Code_kunst , @Callmegray & @SatgotLoco . If you want to watch this episode with english subs, you can watch AOMG I Can See Your Voice season 6 HERE.


What do you think of AOMG I Can See Your Voice ?? I think We need more AOMG on TV !!