Mad Clown Weekly Idol | Let’s Go Back to 2015 ~

Have you ever known that Mad Clown Weekly Idol? He was! He came on the January 21st, 2015 episode (about four years ago) with his former labelmates in Starship, Junggigo and Jooyoung.

Mad CLown Weekly Idol

Mad Clown Weekly Idol ep 182. Let’s go back in time to see how Mad Clown was !! He was still in Starship, he haven’t got married yet, he wasnt wearing a pink mask yet, havent become SMTM 8 producer yet and many more !!!


Mad Clown Weekly Idol ep 182 | Lets reminiscence about Mad Clown appearance


Hyungdon and Defconn frustrated from the start of the recording because Mad Clown hardly introduce himself, “I…the…uh… yes…the…ah, yes,” leading them to suspect Mad Clown that he did that on purpose. Mad Clown began rapping in Hongdae and was part of Soul Company which had been dissolved. Mad Clown is from Yongin.

When being asked about his opinion about Weekly Idol, Mad Clown simply said, “I… Judging just from the title… I thought it was an idol… program.” The MCs sighs by the completely blocked Mad Clown’s talk style. “Are you an expatriate?” “No, I am not.”



Stage Behaviour

Mad Clown admitted that he had to use his left hand during rap his part. “It is my gill.” The three guests were challenged to do random play dance, showed their gestures during their parts one by one. If they succeeded, Weekly Idol would stream their song for 1024 hours. But they failed twice and got 128 hours streaming.



Career Beginning

Mad Clown debuted since 2006 in the underground scene . When asked about how he came up with the name, he said” It means angry clown. In 2006, there were Dok2 and The Quiett. When The Quiett came out with an album I did a featuring (in The Quiett 2nd album, “Interlude”). We needed to put a name on the tracklist, so he said to come up with a name quickly. We thought of it in five minutes.” MCs said his real name is pretty, “Your real name is Jo Dongrim.”



Mad Clown No Question feat Stella Jang

Mad Clown is back with a new trackNo Question’ feat Stella Jang which a sweet collaboration. This is the first single that Mad Clown release since he part ways with Starship entertainment.  He have a plan to release more projects on 2019 so we really look forward to it !!


Mad Clown now already have a illustrious career, not only in Korea hiphop, but Korea Music Scene. Let’s get to know more about Mad Clown weekly idol in next PAGE  !!