HiLite Records Air | New Anthem of Hi-Lite !!

Hi-Lite !! The new anthem of Hi-Lite records is finally here. We really curious if Hilite records gonna release new track consider they have new member Jowonu.

HiLite records Air

HiLite Records Air . A new track on a new year that include new member. We really hype when Hi-Lite announce they gonna have a new track ‘Air ‘. We pretty sure it’s the track gonna be the new anthem after following the members SNS activities & we glad we right on point !!! Air is only one of the track from Hi-Lite Records ‘Air 2019‘ Maxi Single / Single Album.

Air 2019 tracklist

  • Reddy, YunB & Sway DNo Days off‘ (prod by UGP)
  • Reddy, Paloalto, Huckleberry P feat Year of the OxJoa‘ (Prod by UGP)
  • Sway D,Reddy Paloalto, G2, YunB, Huckleberry P & JowonuAir‘ (Prod by Yosi)

There’s 3 trackinside Air 2019 maxi single. But for now let’s talk about the most important one, the new anthem of Hi-Lite Records ‘Air’ .  The track is produced by Yosi , the latest producer addition to Hi-lite records. ‘Air’ also feature the newest member of Hi-Lite records, Jo Wonu !! (School rapper 1/2 Jo Wonwoo / H2adin)


HiLite records ‘Air’ MV

Sway D (0:31 -- 1:04) : “ Looking from the Top is much way better than from bottom, I Keep Hustling My Way Up, I’m Above the Clouds on a flight to Malaysia” . Sway D lyrics pay a homage to Hi-Lite records performing in Malaysia !! Also perhaps throwing a shade because he’s eliminated too early from SMTM 777 ?? What we know is the Super great Hurricane is ready to work hard on 2019 !!

Reddy (Intro ; 1:05 -- 1:51) : Reddy really have been working hard on 2018m just like his lyrics said “I release 2 albums out and 8 music video”. Not many rapper (or even singe/producer!) is that productive.

G2 : (2:08 -- 2:39) : G2 Explode !!! His verse is really refreshing, it reminds me of G2 the monster rookie that we saw prior to SMTM 5. Kevin hwang Jitu also release an album on 2018 tHROWING uP bUTTERFLIES, make sure to check that out.

YunB (2:40 --  3:12) : YunB been having an amazing year on 2018, he’s one of the reason why SMTM 777 is so fun to watch to !! His verse & flow on ‘Air’ remind me a bit of his verse from one year ago in Hi-lite records ‘Break Bread’.

Huckleberry P (3:30 -- 4:00) : This is not the spitfire version of HuckleberryP. in this track we got a laid back version of HuckleberryP that we used to hear when he freestyling on Mic Swagger. I wonder if HuckleberryP record this track freestyle also ??

Jowonu (4:01 -- 4:33) :The maknae is here !! Jowonu finally have a track with his hyungnim. We know Jowonu skill set since he appear on School Rapper few years ago, now it’s time for him to shine on the bigger stage with Hi-Lite records !!

Paloalto (Hook ; 4:34- ends) : Paloalto follow the success recipe of’Good Day; and singing the hook !! There’s other capable singer in Hi-lite including Reddy, YunB & SwayD yet the boss take all the heavy responsibility on this track.

‘former’ Anthem of Hi-Lite Record Break Bread’

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What do you think of ‘Air’ as Hi-Lite records new anthem ?? Or do you still prefer ‘Break Bread’ ??? Let us know below !!