Hyolyn Radio Star 602 | Meme Queen and Female CEO

Hyolyn was one of the guests on Radio Star ep 602. Hyolyn told many interesting stories in the show. What were them? Let’s check out Hyolyn Radio Star story !

Hyolyn Radio Star

Hyolyn Radio Star !!! On January 30th, Radio Star film an episode with a theme “Did You Really Have to Do That to Feel Better?”. The episode is filled with fun and it even reach 5.1 % TV Ratings !! (A jump from a week before episode of 4 % ratings).

The guest for Radio Star Ep 602 is :

  • Hyolyn
  • Mamamoo Hwasa
  • f(x) Luna
  • Oh Jeong-yeon.


Hyolyn Radio Star ep 602 teaser


Hyolyn trending topic

Hyolyn attended KBS Drama Awards 2018 to perform Dally and See Sea. Many Actor & Actresses were flustered when they see her performance. Her performance and clothing became trending search topic. At first, she did not know that people would talk much about it. “My costume was actually handmade by a designer. There is no same clothes in the world. It is the most amazing and luxurious costume I have, and I just wanted to wear it there.” Confidence.


This is Hyolyn Performance on KBS Drama Awards 2018

This is Hyolyn performance on KBS Drama Awards 2018 that become the most search topic on Korea search engine such as Naver.



Hyolyn Meme queen

Hyolyn was (and still) a meme queen. She appeared 6 years ago and mimicked Wong Fei Fung. She also reminisced about her “Crab Dance” and “Map Pose.”. Radio Star really dig up Hyolyn embarrassing past.



Hyolyn Radio Star story about past problems.

Hyolyn also shared the she was transferred to the ER when she was emotionally disturbed back then. “I had a psychological evaluation. The doctor said that he had never seen someone who was not depressed like me. I thought I was depressed but he said I did not.”

Hyolyn then continued her explanation, “Instead, it all went to my anger. He had never seen someone who was so angry like me.” It’s all in the past though, it must be tough to live in a really tight schedule & high expectation for the young Hyolyn.


CEO Kim Hyojung

Hyolyn Radio Star

Hyolyn has been managed her own company, Brid3, for over a year. Hyolyn said she invested in herself but not interested in shopping. Gura asked, “You do not hesitate to bleach your hair, don’t you?” Hyolyn answered :  “I do invest in myself. I go there, book accommodation, plane tickets, lesson and choreography fees.” She also announce a world tour soon !! Powerful.

Hyolyn has hope to show many properties on her upcoming concert that she has not shown before. She wants to show motorbike, conveyor belt, and flying rope.



Lastly, Hyolyn performed Dally.

It’s fun right ?? Don’t forget to follow Hyolyn on Instagram : @xhyolynx , Hyolyn agency website . You can watch Hyolyn radio star HERE. Hyolyn also already announce her world tour !! Look forward to it on 2019. Make sure to check out our other articles on KHH/KRNB artist appearance on Radio Star.



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