Vinxen Ovan Snowflake | Winter track from Romantic Factory

Snowflake, a special winter track by Romantic Factory. Vinxen & Ovan change their usual music approach and release a special acoustic track just for ‘Snowflake’ .

Ovan Vinxen Snowflake

Vinxen Ovan Snowflake a new track by the Romantic factory artists. Romantic Factory actually not exactly a hiphop label, Ovan & Piano man is actually familiar with ballad & romance songs, Vinxen himself also known for his emotional tracks/rap which he translate to this track really well. Many people is not familiar with both of them (ovan & Vinxen) singing instead of rap, but they have more than enough talent to pull this off.


Not only Vinxen & Ovan, Snowflake is collaboration project in terms of music. The piano were by Romantic Factory own Piano Man & the Guitar accompaniment is by DCTOM hit track maker Shaun. Vinxen also actually play the guitar part on the LIVE version of ‘Snowflake’

Vinxen Ovan Snowflake MV

‘Snowflake’ MV. I always love Romantic factory artist MV especially the Music Video for Ovan, it always have a story and great concepts to it. There’s also a familiar name that star in the MV, it’s Xinsoo / Shin Soo hyun !! You probably recognize her as Produce 48 / Mixnine Cotnestant. Great Track + Great MV = Timeless song.

This is not the first time that Ovan & Vinxen collaborate for a great track, they actually did it when Vinxen just join the agency with ‘Miss Fortune’

‘Miss Fortune’ bu Ovan feat Vinxen

Ovan & Vinxen start this year with a track that everyone gonna listen to every winter. If you curious about their activities you can follow Vinxen on instagram : @Kiff_vinxen & Ovan on Instagram :@ovanjinjjada1997 . We can’t wait for more activities from both of them on 2019 !!


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