GRAY Loco JTBC ‘Lets Eat Dinner Together’ Ep 113

JTBC ‘Lets Eat dinner together’ invite GRAY & Loco as a guest for the 113th episode of the Show. We actually learn a lot about two of them in this Episode. Let’s learn more about Loco & Gray while enjoy eating the food with their new family ~

Loco Gray JTBC

Gray Loco JTBC ‘Lets Eat Dinner Together’. Loco & GRAY been really active on television to start 2019, it’s also because Loco impending enlistment on 7th of February 2019.  Loco & GRAY shares a lot of story about two of them while having fun with Kang Ho Dong & Lee Kyung Kyu sunbaenim in this episode. Let’s check out their stories below ~

How Loco & GRAY Meet

CoRay, the nickname given by fans for Loco & Gray combination. How Loco & Gray Meet actually ??? Both of them studies on Hongik university where both of them attend hiphop Club ‘BrainSwords’ .

Loco is just your normal economy student which have a normal dreams to be a banker. GRAY think that Loco is the most talented rapper in the university and invite Loco to be a musician alongside him. The rest is history



GRAY teach how to take good Selca/Selfie

Beside known as a genius Producer, GRAY also known for his Visual.  Lee Seunghwa also been a model for Advertising several times in the past years.

As we already saw in other show MNET ‘Not The Same Person You Used to Know’, GRAY love to post on his SNS, especially post his selfies. In this episo de of JTBC ‘Lets Eat Dinner Together’, GRAY share the secrets of having a great selfie : Perfect lightning & perfect angle.



Loco & Gray about Hip Hop

This is Hip hop according to Loco & GRAY.


Where Loco & Gray Stage name Come from ??

Loco Gray

Gray : “Between Black & White there’s infinite number of GRAY I may look monotone & boring but i have something you didn’t expect”

Loco :  “It’s a spanish words for Crazy My friend said i’m Crazy so i’m Loco”

GRAY Loco JTBC Lets Eat dinner together really teaches us a lot about both of them



Weak Loco

Loco loves to working out but….

Loco unexpectedly meet Fans

The workers of the Office that Loco come for dinner is actually a fan of Loco !! The fans were run out of tickets of Loco concert  so Loco decide to gave them a free ticket. Loco is so nice ~


GRAY Pre-debut story

GRAY success is not instant. He’s once a struggling artist that only have money to pay for an abandoned building rooftop. He’s goes through a lot of hardship to become a great musician that we all know & love today.



Loco Military enlistment, Support from Fans & future instructor sunbae

Loco gonna enlist soon in the military. Beside getting a warm message from his fans, Loco accidentally meet a future instructor sunbae who actually a part of the family that Loco have dinner with. What a coincidence.


If you curious about the rest of the episode you can watch GRAY Loco JTBC Lets eat dinner together with english subs HERE. Also don’t forget to follow them on Instagram, Loco : @Satgotloco , GRAY : @callmegray & AOMG : @AOMGOFFICIAL.

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