Paloalto Yearend EP | Busy paloalto ends the year

Paloalto is a busy man. Beside busy as Hi-Lite Records CEO, Paloalto also become SMTM 777 producer this year alongside Code Kunst. He have lot of unreleased track that he ended up release late before the year ends.

Paloalto yearend

Paloalto yearend EP. Each track inside the EP have different background story. It also featured Paloalto close friend & junior who he were really close with him on 2018. TMI, The track 2018 with YunB is actually a track for Hi-Lite Records mini compilation album that have a hint of Hi-Lite Records new member (Jowonu)

Paloalto yearend Album cover

Paloalto Year end

Paloalto Album cover which Paloalto took himself on Disneyland Japan

Paloalto Yearend EP Tracklist

  • F**k it
  • Mushroom Cloud feat Qwala
  • 2018 feat YunB
  • 3355 feat Uglyduck

The title track is the first track which actually didn’t have any featurings (The chorus is Paloalto voice). Another fun fact from this EP is that ‘Mushroom Cloud; that feature Qwala were finished recording so fast (even faster than Paloalto).

Yearend EP audio preview

My personal favorite track from ‘Yearend’ EP is ‘3355’ feat Uglyduck. This track actually created by Unsinkable & should’ve been in 8Balltown album. But Paloalto is busy with SMTM 777 so he haven’t had time to work on this beat. This track actually made as Challenge, where everyone can participate remixing ‘3355’ according to personal taste. You can check the remix version on Paloalto Soundcloud, a lots of them were really good !

Paloalto have been busy on SMTM 777. He really have great chemistry with Code Kunst even though many people were skeptical about having two people from different agencies as SMTM 777 producers.

Check out also Paloalto SMTM 777 Producer Stage with Code Kunst !!

Paloalto really have a great 2018, he also gonna have next project coming up soon with the rest of Hi-Lite member ‘Air 2019‘. If you want to know more about Paloalto you can follow him on Instagram : @paloaltongue & Agency Hi-Lite Records : @hiliterecords & Paloalto Soundcloud : @Paloaltongue

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What do you think of Paloalto Yearend EP ?? Which track is your favorite ?? Leave your comments below !!