Yumdda Breathe 2 album | 13 tracks inside

Yumdda is back !!! The veteran rapper been rejuvenate himself lately and going hot in Korea hiphop Scene. He just release his new album ‘Breathe 2 this year, with 13 tracks inside.’

Yummda Breathe 2

Yumdda Breathe 2 album. this album consist of 13 tracks with featuring from 7  other artist. All the track inside were self produced & self written by Yumdda. It’s been 12 years since he debut yet this album sounds really fresh, Yumdda is reborn on 2019 !!


Yumdda Breathe 2 tracklist

  • Higher
  • Zoom
  • Where u at feat Bassagong, Don Mills & Coogie
  • The world is Mine feat Uneducated Kid
  • Flight feat Futuristic Swaver
  • I Loved my Friend’s friend
  • No Love, We Just need it
  • Aspirin feat Yangsung
  • Unlucky day
  • Pow Pow feat Chaboom
  • From the Bottom to Here
  • Yaya Freestyle
  • As If i were not

Title track from Yumdda Breathe 2‘ album is Zoom & Where u At feat Bassagong, Don Mills & Coogie.


Where u at feat Bassagong, Don Mills & Coogie Audio

This is unique, 4 rapper with different styles on one track !! Different generation collide usually didn’t end well but this is a different story.  The beat choice is  perfect because it suit every rapper in this list, even for bassagong who was known for disco beat. Just one question though, Does Don Mills use his soldier vacation time to record this track ???



Yumdda ‘Infinity Challenge’ OST

10 years ago, Yumdda is one of the rapper that appear the most on TV because he was the VJ of MTV ‘Most Wanted’ & also sing the OST for ‘Infinity Challenge’ (we heard his voice every week 10 years ago). There’s not many veteran rapper who can last as long as Yumdda. Many veteran rapper already lost against time & get drown by the surge of young talented rapper.



Yumdda recently join GRAY 119 Remix’ & UV Cypher vol 4‘ . If you still curious about him you can follow his Instagram : @yumdda for more updates.


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What do you think about Yumdda Breathe 2 album ?? which track is your favorite ?? leave your comments below !!