Yourbeagle Dream Carousel | Why adult stop dreaming?

Yourbeagle, her real name is Kim Mi jung. She’s a R&B musician and singer who also known as youtuber & model. We gonna talk the musician Yourbeagle because she just release a new single album ‘Dream Carousel‘.

Yourbeagle Dream Carousel

Yourbeagle Dream Carousel. A story about how people stop dreaming when they grow up. Kim Mi Jung is a singer songwriter who already release an album ‘2018 . 07’ last year, 2018. She’s also part of Wayside Town Crew with Leella Marz, Skinny Brown, Jayci Yucca, Kim Hyoeun , Ash Island & many more.


Yourbeagle Dream Carousel track list

  • Old Carousel
  • Dream (eat Indego Aid

Dream feat IndEgo Aid audio

Kim Mi Jung / Yourbeagle have a cute voice, but the lyrics of the title track ‘Dreams’ is not as cute as her voice, it’s actually quite deep. She express her feelings to do anything that she wants without giving up happiness even though the world is rough & Cruel.

Dream Lyrics

“Are You still young ? do you still have your dreams ??
Since i’m over 20 years old i wonder if i’m an adult
Will i be to do everything alone ?? The world seems vast
I have lot of good people around me Flex ya
A lot of Bad Words from a far
I don’t give a f baby”

Yourbeagle also often do a song cover of other musician, she’s not only can sing but can do rap as well !! Here Yourbeagle covering Jvckiwai x Young B x Osshun Gum & Han Yohan ‘Dding’


Yourbeagle ‘Dding’ Cover

If you want to get to know her more you can follow Kim Mi Jung on Instagram ;@yourbeagle , Soundcloud & Youtube channel. We Look forward for more activities from Yourbeagle & Wayside Town Crew on 2019 !!

Listen & purchase to Yourbeagle Dream Carousel’ single album on Apple Music, Deezer, Spotify, Melon, Genie & Bugs.


What do you think of Yourbeagle new single album ?? are you a fan of her now ?? leave your comments below !!