Jung Sang Soo !! Free Mixtape for remedy

Jung Sang Soo !! The SMTM veteran is back with a new music. He release a new mixtape that free to listen for everyone. He’s been getting in lots of troubles in the past but he try to start a new leaf with music.

Jung Sang Soo

Jung Sang Soo is back with a new mixtape. He’s been in troubles for violent conduct, assault, DUI & many more in the past. The former SMTM contestant appear in a lot on South Korea news article for the wrong reasons. It’s not easy to atone for everything he did but it doesnt stop him from trying.


Mixtape #2 by Jung Sang Soo

Not like usual, i leave the music review for another day. We honestly really glad he doing music because he devote himself back into something positive instead of negative. There’s lot of harsh critics on Youtube comments that Jung Sang Soo replies one by one by apologizing & promise to change. We hope he already learn his lesson & Become a better person in the future.

The SMTM Veteran

Jung Sangsoo knows for his rough & raw rap in SMTM. He actually keep improving after appear on SMTM 3,4,5 & 6 but his off the stage issue is what held him back the most, not his music. The 34 years old rapper is already release by his agency after getting into troubles couple of times.



He havent post a lot since a long time on his SNS but nevertheless you can still follow him on Instagram : @JungSangSoo3406 & Youtube channel Here

It’s been a while since we got positive news on Jung Sang Soo, we hope he can turn a new leaf on 2019 . Fighting !!


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