Punchnello Absinthe | Released Under AOMG!

Who is missing Punchnello? He is back with his latest single, ‘Absinthe’ !

Punchnello Absinthe

Punchnello Absinthe a new single by Punchnello. It feels like it’s been quite a while since we got to hear Punchnello’s official new songs. Although he had been laying low, he wasn’t completely off the grid judging from his tour schedules, Soundcloud activities, and features in other artist’s songs. His comeback track is fire and there is more to it: AOMG was the one that released it.

Punchnello Absinthe’ MV

Produced by 0channel of Offonoff and 2xxx! of You.Will.Knovv, ‘Absinthe’ is a guaranteed banger right from the start. Punchnello seems downright angry throughout the song, but it’s because he has all the right reasons to be. He said that people tend to rate others by their own standards, when no one likes to be compared with other people.

Listening to the powerful beats combined with how Punchnello spits his bars really give you energy. This song is even better when you hear it live, as I’ve experienced it myself when I went to one of his gigs back in September 2018. Most of us heard this song for the first time, but everyone around me literally went crazy when this song came out.



In a more exciting news, Punchnello seems to have another new track and a new EP to be released soon: This is a great news consider Punchnello only been active as featured artist before like in Rick Bridges ‘Deuces’.

Punchnello new Track ‘Winter Blossom’ teaser

Wait, does it mean AOMG signed Punchnello? Well, it seems like we have to wait a little more as there has been no official statement yet from AOMG.

Don’t miss out on new updates from Punchnello: @fkuropinion The Producer @0_channel & @twotriplex as well as AOMG: @aomgofficial

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