The Quiett Code Kunst is School Rapper 3 Mentor !!!

The Quiett Code Kunst confirmed as school rapper 3 mentor !!! Are you hype for this combination ??? We can’t wait for their fun interaction on the show later !!

The Quiett Code Kunst

The Quiett Code kunst gonna be a mentor for the new Season of School Rapper !!! They were just become a producer on SMTM 777 where they sometimes steal the scene from other producers & Contestant.

Code Kunst have so many beats (we know that from SMTM 777) . He even said that he have 500 beats ready to use by School Rapper 3 contestant. Meanwhile The Quiett want to raise the bar for High School rapper (Consider how good the past two seasons already).


Code Kunst beat Collection

Code Kunst produce the most track on SMTM 777. Not only the quantity, each of Code Kunst song in SMTM actually really good & Did really well in the chart despite SMTM 777 lack of TV Ratings.

Music Wise we have no doubt that The Quiett Code Kunst will bring the best of anyone who join the team. We also can’t wait for Code Kunst segment with the kid of HSR3  considering Cokun segment on SMTM 777 always steal the scene.

The Quiett & kids


The Quiett also already shed his scary image in the past on SMTM 777 where he show a soft spot for young rapper like D.ark & Lee Dongmin in the show. There’s also a project called Rap House, which is The Quiett project to showcase young talented & unknown rapper on a monthly event. I can’t wait for more young talented rapper that gonna explode because of Cokun x The Q  !!

School Rapper 3 already finish their online audition, Announce the MC Nucksal, & already announce their Mentors : Groovyroom, Hangzoo x Boi B, Code Kunst x The Quiett & Giriboy x Kid Milli. We still need to wait until 22nd of february 2019 until the show air.


If you were a contestant, Would you join The Quiett Code Kunst team ?? Leave your comments below !!

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